Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fairytale Mini Pelamin and Morrocan Mini Pelamin ARE HERE in KOTA KINABALU!


Check out our new Mini Pelamin collections. Suitable for Fairytale and Morrocan Theme. We are having a great promotion right now. Get this pelamin as your mini as low as RM 880 (Fairytale Pelamin + free 1X Makeup) and RM 1080 (Morrocan Pelamin+ free 1X Makeup) for the first 3 customers. First come first serve basis. Thanks and have a nice day ahead.XOXO.

Fairytale Mini Pelamin exclusively design by TheWedPlan Deco.

Morrocan Mini Pelamin. :)


  1. Ming..try do garden theme lagi bah..for a wider range of clientele..Bollywood lagi..

  2. iya..will take note on that kak..wa..bollywood? nice! ndak terpikir pun o kak..