Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mini Pelamin Butterfly :)

Butterfly Mini Pelamin :) . Thanks Amy and Kak Erna for hiring us. Looking forward to work with u again soon. XOXO. :)

Mini Pelamin Oriental for Zura :)

As-salam. Presenting an Oriental concept of mini pelamin. The idea was originated from my client. Thanks Zura and Kak Yazmin :). We would love to work with you again soon! XOXO

 Makeup by Thewedplan Deco. Contact us for inquiries. Tq

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mini Pelamin Scarlett ...NEW!!

As-salam. We have this new mini pelamin Scarlett.

Sexy, Sensual & Scarlett as said from one of my viewers in FB.

Hantaran for Anis - Blue, Purple and Cream

Mini Pelamin Oriental for Zura

As-salam everybody.. Here it is a mini pelamin oriental for Zura. For this time, it's an Orchid arrangement. Nice eh? Congratulation to Zura and Yazid. Looking forward to work with u in the future. :)

 Make-Up by TheWedPlan Deco.

Design Store for Maktab Sabah Interact Club

A sister to a friend of mine requested us to design their store for the Interact Understanding Bazaar 2011 in KK Community Hall. They were representing a country Spain, so the theme colors were red and gold. 11 schools took part in the event, and there was this competition of the best design store in bazaar . Congratulation to All Saints High School for winning the best store competition. They picked South African as their country, and it was a SAFARI theme. Very creative and impressive deco they had. BRAVO!!...

Though,very big thanks to Ari for hiring us and we are glad to be part and serve to the community. XOXO

Monday, March 14, 2011

Make-Up For Rina

Hi People!

We had a make-up job for Rina from Kinarut Papar last week. She was asking for Nikah, Berinai and Bersanding Make-Up. Thanks for hiring us on your big day and a big congratulation to you & Selamat Pengantin Baru. :)

Get a trial make-up for RM30 and free 1X Make-Up if order our Pelamin now. 1X Make-Up is only RM150.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fairytale Mini Pelamin and Morrocan Mini Pelamin ARE HERE in KOTA KINABALU!


Check out our new Mini Pelamin collections. Suitable for Fairytale and Morrocan Theme. We are having a great promotion right now. Get this pelamin as your mini as low as RM 880 (Fairytale Pelamin + free 1X Makeup) and RM 1080 (Morrocan Pelamin+ free 1X Makeup) for the first 3 customers. First come first serve basis. Thanks and have a nice day ahead.XOXO.

Fairytale Mini Pelamin exclusively design by TheWedPlan Deco.

Morrocan Mini Pelamin. :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Our First Mini Pelamin in Masjid

As-Salam. Mini Pelamin in Masjid? Yes it is permitted to do in fact, we are the first decorator that has carried out a Mini Pelamin in this Masjid Bandaraya...No one ever done it before...Alhamdulillah it went well...It has been a great experience for us..and  According to the Masjid Committee, it is not wrong to do mini long as there is no tent or big pillars/stands coming with the pelamin....This is to respect Masjid as Rumah Allah  :)..

Dear friends, I foresee that solemnization in Masjid is now becoming a trend. I feel I would like to share it with you the 3 most important reasons of doing it in Masjid: Firstly I believe is to get the blessing and 'ambil berkat'. Next is because masjid has a huge area and everybody gets the chance to see the groom and the bride.. Lastly because it's easier to carry out solemnization in a Masjid. Why? 1. Tok Kadi is already there. No need for him to come over or rushing to your hse. Which is the event will start as planned. 2. Savings $$ need to do hse renovation and whatsoever to please your relatives and etc  (This is so true) 3. Lots of car parks for the guest 4. No himpit2 and berasak2 like we used to at home. 5. Because of  berhimpit2 or berasak2 problem is eliminated everybody is happy to come over to Masjid meriahkan Majlis.. and 6. To avoid strangers coming to your house. Sometimes we are pretty busy in the house with all the guests but didn't realized that a stranger/thief/pretending to be ur guest sneaking in to ur hse..

so what say u? Masjid or Home? Just my 2 cents...

P/S- Congrats to Nadia and Hafiz . Semoga Bahagia ke anak cucu. Amin.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hantaran For Nadia

Finally we made it. Yeay... Hantaran theme is Blue Purple vs Yellowish Orange. Call us to get this gorgeous Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage as your wedding or engagement hantaran! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee...... :D